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Φαγητοδοχείο Liberty Μπορντό Κατάλληλο για Πλυντήριο Πιάτων 3τεμ 1lt 3τεμ Χ24 Σετ/Κιβώτιο 20Κιβ./Παλέτα

Liberty food utensils are suitable for a microwave, freezer, dishwasher. They are made of polypropylene accompanied by certificates of food contact suitability. They are ideal for packing and transporting hot food, salad, sweets and ice cream, and have a special hole on the lid to escape water vapor. They are available in a 20-pack professional packing box in Bundled Pentas, 72 pcs / Box 20 Boxes / Pallet

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